SMS Marketing

The world is One Message Away

Our text engagement and SMS marketing platform helps you connect with half of global population that own SMS enabled mobile devices. The global audience was never that much easy to reach as it is today. Within a second or so, you can send an invoice reminder to your customer; can engage potential buyer with a marketing message, and much more possibilities with our integrated SMS marketing platform.
Transactional SMS

Programmatically connect with our platform for sending transactional SMS; your app generated notifications, billing reminders, alerts and much using easy to use REST API.

Text Marketing

Harness the power of SMS marketing and ensure an open rate as high as 99% in ideal situations. Use our platform to compose, send and scale text engagement and marketing campaigns.

SMS Marketing

A platform that cater the needs of every industry

One platform suitable for the business of all sizes and catering the needs of variety of industries. All of your time critical messages are now delivered and read by the recipient within the seconds of delivery. Most rightly crafted messages secure better response rate and best possible conversion rate in the shortest possible time.

Healthcare and

Banking and

Beauty and



Retail and

SMS Marketing Nade Easy

Engage Customers On The GO!


SMS Marketing Features

Message Personalization
Incorporate Recipients Info in Text

Messages incorporated with recipient’s personal info or addressing recipients by their names are predominately observed as appealing. Our platform offers custom variables to incorporate recipient’s personal info while composing SMS.

SMS Branding
Deliver Text from Company’s ID

SMS sent from an unknown source (Numb/Name) are more likely to be ignored comparing to the texts appeared to be sent from a name that the recipient recognizes. Our global carrier coverage ensures swift delivery from your Registered Sender-ID.

Integrated Number Validation
Manage Lists with Deliverable Contacts

Our integrated number validation services can help you maintain a list of deliverable contacts only and can reduce the message failure rate to insignificant. You can precisely know the network carrier or your number besides verifying its validity.

Reporting & Insights
Every Message is Important & Counts

Our platform offers some amazing insights on your sent campaigns. From the reports on message delivery status to campaign summary, logs of every message to graphical view of important metrics, you have everything for precise analysis.




SMS Marketing

Large population of our world is connected with mobile devices and almost all of these mobile devices are SMS enabled. The obvious reason why the SMS outperforms the other options is because it is swiftly connected and easily delivered to the intended handset.

Global Reach

No matter where your customers are located, our platform enables connectivity across the globe. Our integrated platform can deliver your message at 200 global destinations, while we cover more than 85% of global mobile carriers.

SMS Is Quick

You don’t need to wait for hours to get your voice heard, you quickly compose a short message using our web platform for thousands of your potential customers/subscribers, and your message is read within the seconds of delivery.

Higher Engagements

When it comes to open rate and customer engagement, SMS outperforms all of contemporary direct marketing channels. The average of SMS campaign crosses 90% of open rate, which is fairly high and easily surpasses other channels like email.

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