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Before we can tell you how long it will take to develop your software, we need to know what your project requirements are. To tell you the truth, it is conceivable to complete a project in a few weeks, but it is also possible to complete a project over several years. We recommend contacting a member of our business development team for a more detailed response. They'll be able to give you the most exact estimate possible.
We pay our staff hourly rates at our company, which vary depending on the technology used and the amount of experience of the project's specialists. The nature of the work and the amount of labor involved is then estimated. We examine the hourly rates of newly hired staff and then send you a spreadsheet.
There is no reason for this at all. After all, you don't need to be an expert on medical terms to hire a dentist. You do not need to be a software development professional because we are. While working on the project, we are ready to clarify all of the ambiguous situations as well as the significance of each stage.
All you need is a clear vision of the goals you wish to achieve with the software product in question. As a result, all you have to do is focus on your desires, and we'll assist you in making them a reality.
We work in a short iteration mode and evaluate the work results on a frequent basis, taking into consideration all customer preferences as well as the response of the target audience. This technique permits us to supply first-class items to our clients while meeting their targets. Our key focus is quality.
We are always glad to offer technical support and backing for the apps we have shaped. If you need to add additional features or integrate third-party services, we can help you develop your software product further.
Which platform you should use is reliant on your future application concept and target audience. Each platform has its unique revenue generation strategy. Users spend more money on in-app purchases and premium apps. If direct monetization is the objective, iOS should be chosen. Android users are more numerous, but they are less likely to pay for app installation and prefer free apps.
The more downloads the app receives, the more expensive the advertising becomes. If the goal is to manage user attention, Android is the way to go. We strongly advise you to start with just one platform or create a cross-platform application. This will help to expedite the project's debut as well as identify its flaws and make any necessary improvements. You will save both money and time by doing so.
Our professionals have a diverse set of skills, allowing us to provide the finest solutions for our customers to reach their objectives. C#, ASP.NET Core/MVC, Xamarin, Angular/Angular.JS, React/React.JS, Node.JS, and WPF are some of the languages we use.
It usually takes a few days to begin working together on a project. However, it is contingent on the project's characteristics and the number of individuals involved.
Yes, we certainly can. Our software developers are well-versed in a variety of technologies and will almost always be able to finish what another team started.
If you have any questions that you can't find answers to on this page, or if you'd want to talk about the project details before we start working together, please email us and we'll gladly answer them.