Terms and Conditions

User Agreement

The agreement is between NextLevTech the service provider and you as being our client or you being the entity you represent (Your Company, Client etc.). Before you subscribe to any of our service or submit an order for the application purchase, you agree and accept the terms of using our services described as below. The document provides you information on the legal aspect of how our software and services can be used, and what are the obligations and rights you as a buyer/subscriber have as our client.

Billing Cycle

Our website offer collection of varied apps and solutions for multi-channel marketing, and the billing cycle of each service or app may vary from another. Before you place an order with us, make sure you have read the payment terms and billing cycle.

Self-Hosted or SaaS Apps

We have made it a part of our TOS to avoid any confusion, the self-hosted apps are the ones that you can install and configure on a webserver you own and prefer, while the SaaS apps are hosted on instance/server managed by the service provider itself. You cannot request to transfer the self-hosted apps on any other server/instance of your choice. 

Software License/Subscription

As mentioned earlier, NextLevTech offers variety of software applications as well as solutions for multi-channel marketing, some of these applications are self-hosted while others are SaaS apps. In both of the cases, the license you are granted or an account you are assigned to, is exclusive and non-transferable. You cannot transfer or resell the license exclusively granted to you as a client/subscriber, or cannot also request to transfer or install app (SaaS Apps) on server/ instances other than earlier provided by us.


In case you have encountered a problem in any app that restrict your ability to use specific function/ or multiple functions, you can report for the defect within 15days of delivery. After the written complaint is received by NextLevTech, we’ll investigate through the complaint/defect and upon finding it valid, we can offer following solutions.

  1. Free remedy of the fault/defect
  2. Replacement of the License

3rd party Integrations

In many a cases, the apps NextLevTech offer require 3rd party integrations for certain modules to function properly, i.e. the 3rd party gateways are integrated with SMS+ platform app, while more than a few leading mail relays are integrated with Marketing Automation application for email delivery. If any

Patents, Intellectual Property, Trademark and Copyrights

NextLevTech being the technology partner of Mumara (Multi-Channel Marketing Apps) reserves the right to resell their apps. You being NextLevTech client agrees that you cannot decompile, reproduce, reassemble or reverse engineer the applications, by any means, in whole or in parts. Mumara reserves and will continue to hold all the rights of their apps, and NextLevTech being the technology partner will continue to act in accordance with the agreement both parties have agreed on. You as a client/buyer doesn’t have any right directly or indirectly, attempt to reach the source code, copy the concept/ idea behind the application, try to reproduce the backend structure or algorithms, publish, rewrite or copy the content and the documentation associated with the apps. You also agree not to remove or try to remove or modify the trademarks or co-brand it with your own products.

Compliance to Spam Laws/ SMS Legislations 

Since majority of our apps/solutions deal with Email and SMS as a direct communication and customer engagement channels, it is necessary for you to adhere to the guidelines of the message sending legislations and spam laws. In several cases, we don’t directly have any access/control to client mail sending server/mail relay provider or such system intact with SMS gateway to block certain SMS, but still we do best of our efforts to reduce the illegitimate side of SMS and spamming in the email. By subscribing to our service or purchasing an app from our website, you acknowledge and agree to follow the guidelines provided by all the spam laws, including but not limited to, CASL, CAN-SPAM and GDPR etc. You agree to always obtain an active consent which is freely given, specific, informed and unambiguous. You agree to follow all the sending guidelines and always immediately process the opt-out request by discontinuing further sending.


In case a client breaches terms or violates material obligations under this document, NextLevTech reserves the right to terminate the license or suspend the account of such clients.