Privacy Policy

General Data and Information

We don’t collect any personal and identifiable information as long as you are just a visitor, and surfing our website for seeking information only. However, non- identifiable information like the IP address, Geo Location and Type of Browser etc. is recorded for different purposes like for tracking and traffic analysis by the software like Google Analytics and other technologies like Pixel etc.

Non-Identifiable Information

It includes type of browser visitor has used during the session, IP address, geographic location of the visitor during the session etc.

Personally Identifiable Information

Whenever you decide to initiate further communication with our team, we’ll collect personal information to process the request. The information is required to process the order or provide you information in return of your quote request of some service/product. You provide this information with your consent while you submit request quote form displayed on the various pages of our website. Apart from the personal information, it may require other business details to fill in the quote form, i.e. volumes of SMS you are planning to send? Type of software edition you are looking to purchase and such. Filling out the quote form indicates your consent of sharing this information with us to later use it for required correspondence, assistance and support.

Identifiable information for electronic submission

It mostly consists of Name (First and Last Separately), Email Address, Phone & Mobile Numbers, Skype ID and such.

Use of Cookies

Cookies in the browser are used to collect pieces of small information. Whenever you are at our website, cookies in browser may collect this non-identifiable information. It doesn’t however include any personally identifiable information and can be disabled also through the browser settings you are using to surf through our website.

Financial Information You Submit

When you choose NextLevTech to purchase an app or hire our services to configure a solution, certain amount of necessary billing information is required for provisioning the order. The information consists of credit card number, credit card expiry as well as the billing address. Moreover, if someone is paying on your behalf, we will collect his/her billing details to process the order.

Use of General and Personal Information

As mentioned earlier, the general and non-identifiable information is mostly used to provide a better user experience or used in traffic analysis. The personal information is required for processing the client requests for the quote, order provision and correspondence. As a client, this information is used to send future product updates, service notifications, products promotion and provide requested technical support.

Use of Billing Information

You don’t need to provide us any billing information until you are just a visitor and seeking for certain information or even asking for a service/product quote. However, whenever you decide to purchase a product or subscribe to any of our services, the billing information is required to submit. This information aforementioned in this document is required to process your purchase order and provision your services. We may need to share the credit card information with the issuing authority to confirm/verify the authenticity of CC, in order to avoid any fraudulent payments or financial dispute to arise.

Your Rights

The data you have provided to us as being our client is saved and will time to time be used for different purposes including payment reminders for recurring billing cycles, payment processing, electronic receipts, notification etc. The data is stored with us as long as you don’t request for its removal. In case you no longer want to receive email notifications/product promotions from our side, you always have the option to manage your subscription by putting a formal request for the removal of information. NextLevTech always adhere to the guidelines provided by data protection legislations.

Underage Policy

Don’t submit us any personal information if you don’t comply the 18-plus age group. The products and services we offer aren’t directed to the people less than 18 years old, underage and unsupervised.


Providing us information reflects your acknowledgement of above mentioned privacy statement. NextLevTech holds the right and can modify or revise this privacy statement in future without supplying a prior notice.