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Campaigns+ by Mumara

NextLevTech can help you lift the connectivity barrier by filling out the communication gap between you and your target audience. Incorporating artificial intelligence & novel approach of data driven marketing can help you setup workflows, effectively drive pipelines and reap better ROI by increasing the sales productivity. Powered by Mumara, the Campaigns+ is world leading marketing automation application designed to make email a tool of sustainable business growth. Let NextLevTech know about your requirements, stage of your business and goals you are looking to achieve, we’ll deploy you email marketing & automation platform adequate for your business needs.

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Growth in Revenue

Research reveals that automated emails or workflow automation has helped businesses to boost their revenue by 75%.


More Open Rate

Relevancy has an extra edge over all generic marketing, personalizing just the subject line can guarantee a 26% increase in open rates.


More Purchases

An effective mechanism of lead nurturing can promise 47% of more purchases from the leads that weren’t nurtured properly.

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Enhanced and Better

Campaigns+ features are meticulously designed by closely studying recipient’s behavior, incorporating innovation like AI to a possible extent, and keeping industry trends of predictable years in consideration. It has limitless options to explore potential of Sales Process Management, Automation & Data Driven Marketing, extensive filters to turn unclassified markets into targeted segments, advanced Workflow Automation to nurture leads for larger purchases and a flexible structure to use it as you want.

Offering Integration with Majority of Popular Email Relay Services


Automation & Data Driven Marketing.

Explore the potential of automation to target right audience based on purchase history, behavior, certain criteria and preferences. More intelligently crafted campaigns backed by a data driven marketing strategy can really help make a difference.



It helps you setup marketing strategies that are driven by your prospect’s activity/action, rather than your own marketing timeline.

Drip Campaigns

Retain leads and nurture them through workflow automation, until you have them converted into the buyers.

Analytical Reporting

Insights for better Performance Analysis

Our automation platform collects detailed & valuable information on the sent campaigns, information and insights you would need to know for performance analysis. You can individually analyze performance of broadcasts, drips and triggers.

Go Advanced

Know the Geo Specific Outlines and Insights

It takes you further deep into the geographical outlines of the contacts that opened the emails or have clicked the content link. It reveals geographical details to help you know from which country, region, and city you are getting better email response rate.


Accurate Email Counters & Domain Breakup

It keeps you updated on how many emails out of the total was successfully relayed, delivered, opened, clicked, unsub or bounced back etc. Moreover, you can also view which domain/ISP (e.g. Hotmail, Gmail) remains most promising in terms of open rate.

Deep Segmentation

Intelligently Sliced Market Segmentation

Extensive list of filters and dynamic rules to help you define criteria and create more targeted subsets of contacts with matching statuses, geography, behavioral patterns or demographic outlines. This intelligently collected data can separately be used for sending.

Hyper Personalization

AI Powered Emails for Better Response Rate

Get most of your recipients engaged by making use of contact info more thoughtfully. Smart function of custom variables can help you create individualized content for every contact, a piece of content that every recipient can better related and engage with.

Dynamic Content

Harness the Power of Data Driven Marketing

Learn from the data you have, incorporate dynamic values in your content, and send your recipient what they are really looking for. Craft content by utilizing the recipient’s information stored in the data fields & turn simple data into actionable insights.

What Our Clients Say About Us!

I found Campaigns+ extensive in its ability to segment my database, extremely handy tool for setting up Drip Campaigns and too flexible to configure with a sending relay of my choice, among the available options. Excellent Application!

John Smith, SIM Marketing

Salient Features at a Glance

List Management

Suppression List


Contact Management

Speedy Import

A/B Testing

Dynamic Content

Drip Campaigns


Custom Mail Header


Geo Reporting

Bounce Processing


Sending Nodes

Spam Processing

Custom Fields

Auto Backup


White Labeling

Why AI-Powered Campaigns+?

Cramming for new business, keeping current customers engaged, nurturing the leads, setting up marketing and sales funnels, all these and much more in the to-do list of daily tasks can potentially lead a startup to disaster, unless carrying out all this mindfully.

  • Manage Time Critical Tasks

    NextLevelTech can help you take the hassle out of the long to-do task list by providing tools and infrastructure required to strengthen customer relationship, setup marketing funnels, nurturing leads and much more through marketing automation.

  • Key to Marketing Success

    Innovation brought by AI in email marketing and automation has put startups and medium size companies on the path of constant growth.

  • Cut Staffing Cost

    Put right technologies, techniques and resources on work and cut the staffing cost to significant level. Opt for our marketing automation and perform majority of your sales & marketing department tasks automatically through one integrated application.

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