No matter how big your sending volume is, we have got you covered with our platform tested for sustainable sender reputation while delivering fairly large volume of the email campaigns.

MumaraClassic Self-Hosted and Feature Rich

MumaraClassic is among the leading applications tested and acknowledged to create, send and scale high volume emails from a self-hosted platform. Install it on your webserver; configure it with mail server/MTA of your choice and send without the fear of running out of email credits.

Featured Integration

Send Beyond Credit Limits

Schedule Next Big Campaign

If you are spending a lot for purchasing email credits to deliver your emails, eliminate the credit fear and switch to MumaraClassic for your Next Big Email Campaign. Per message will cost you way lower than the contemporary email marketing solutions while ensuring the ROI better than the rest.

Integrated with Industry Leading Deliverability Solution!

MumaraClassic along with PowerMTA constitutes the best blend for delivering emails in quite large volumes. PowerMTA integrated module helps folks to easily configure PMTA and Mumara for optimum deliverability.

PowerMTA Integrated with Remote Bounce Processing

  • Utilize the VMTA characteristics of PMTA
  • Well tune PowerMTA for higher inbox delivery
  • Flexibly configure SMTPs with current IPs
  • Manage IPs distribution per domain
  • Enable system for bounce processing from PMTA logs
  • Perform majority configuration measures automatically

Customized sending with Multi-MTAs/ SMTPs

Make use of integrated Multi MTA/SMTP function to configure multiple MTAs/SMTPs with separate from information and sending domain, and customize the sending pattern according to your preferences rather than sticking with limited sending options.

IP Rotation-SMTP Rotation

Better Categorization and Processing of Bounce

Keep your list clean free from non-deliverable contacts i.e. hard bounces. Easily configure bounce function to collect bounce notification and automatically process them within your list(s) by using IMAP/POP or taking up option to process through PMTA logs.

Couple of Ways to Handle Bounces

Conceal Main Domain through Mask Forwarding

Prevent the end user to see the primary domain by forwarding or pointing it to another domain name, while not affecting the tracking process. Choose the preferred method between .htaccess masking forwarding or CNAME to map the domain name.

Avoid Filters to Get Triggered /Domain Rotation

Run Parallel Sending Acvtitiy through Multithreading

Speed up supplying emails to the mail server, use system resources to achieve maximum throughput by executing sending activity in simultaneously working threads. Easily setup required number of threads in just two steps and make use of them in single unit of time.

Increase Sending Speed to Large Extent

Advanced tracking, scalability and Detailed Reporting

The statistics and reporting feature of our platform lets you draw in the performance analysis of your sent campaign. From the number of emails scheduled, delivered and failed to the closer view of who has opened, clicked or unsubscribe, all this and much more for every campaign.

Geo Specific Tracking & Domain Breakups

Why MumaraClassic Based Platform?

One of the most reliable enterprise email application known for its capabilities of large volume email sending. It works ideally with market leader commercial MTA application PowerMTA™, and it collects all sorts of features required to manage the sizeable volumes of emails.

  • Sustainable Deliverability

    The platform is collection of core features that would help you maintain sustainable email delivery, improved inbox rate, protects your sender-reputation to suffer and offers you speed required for time critical sending of big email campaigns.

  • Better Response Rate

    Say farewell to randomized content for all sorts of contacts in your lists. Apply intelligently crafted filters to create subsets of contacts with matching characteristics and behavioral pattern, later target these groups to ensure better response rate.

  • Keeping Lists Clean

    One of the most critical parts of all emailing is maintaining the list hygiene, especially when you are sending in bulk. From accurate categorization of bounced to suppression list and spam processing through FBL, it covers all for keeping the list clean.

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